Qasim Shahid

This is the personal site of Qasim Shahid, software developer and entrepreneur. I create web applications that help companies get the most out of their business data.


I actually didn’t start programming in high school like most programmers. Actually, in college I ended up getting a job at the University of Alabama’s work study program in 1999 and was offered and opportunity to build a web page that could display a calendar from a database.  From there I’ve been hooked on this thing called programming. During college I worked in limbo as a free lance / part time programmer for various eCommerce outfits and manufacturing companies. After college it was time to follow the dream of being a hot shot head corporate developer. I signed up for a few years then I found consulting more exciting and attractive.


I  maintain the role of Senior Engineer at the Institute of Nuclear Power operations and provide technical expertise to the Nuclear industry. I am currently  responsible for the following.

  • The largest data services for nuclear training.
  • Adhoc data syncing application
  • Building robust Big Data queries.
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Building applications based on business ideas
  • Sharepoint web parts development / research
  • .NET application architecture


If you have a need for my skillset drop me a line [email protected]

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