How to get fit, stay fit, live fit

I wrote this a while ago and I figured I’d pass it along to the Internets! Its a culmination of my fitness success and failures over the years.
I’ve been doing this same workout for years. I sometimes take the weights up a bit or down but in general it stays the same.
Link to workout
Sometimes I add in a random exercise but for the most part I keep it pretty consistent.
I do this work out in 40 min weights / 20 min cardio split. When I’m trying to get stronger I drop the cardio and increase the weights, sets & reps. Adjust the weight/ reps as necessary. I didn’t start at this weight category.

( I added legs this year but haven’t updated the spreadsheet)

Do this

  • Workout 240 days a year for 1hr a day normally. (5days a week, 4 weeks off a year for vacations, sick time, or just not feeling it)
  • Eat right about 312 days a year. (6 days a week) You can’t out train horrible eating. (this can go in crazy detail but you’ll figure it out after you start )
  • Get a gym partner. When you don’t want to work out most likely have the motivation you’re lacking.
  • Keep a log. It’s easy to lose sight of progress. I take tons pictures and mental notes now but starting out I would keep a paper journal.
  • Have a scheduled workout time. Its super easy to lose focus when you don’t have an established schedule.
  • Also what really helped me to lose the majority of my weight was that I started counting calories. Believe it or not this helped the most.
  • I have an app called loseit (myfitnesspal now) . It incredibly boring to do but it helped me a ton with fighting this weight. I had high blood pressure so I really had to lose the weight or get on some pills

Don’t do this

  • Don’t try to go all gung ho on the 1st try at this stuff. That’s how most folks get burnt out and quit early.
  • Go Slow! Just slowly incorporate these tips into your daily habits. (especially the dieting stuff)
  • I tried to go all gung ho and ended up right back where I started. ( I got fat again)
  • I also tried fat burners and all that stuff. Yes it works,for quick fat loss, it works great. The issue is that you can’t stay on that stuff forever. I once again ended up back where I started.
  • Dont quit! Once you start, don’t quit. I did this once for a while and.. yes you guessed it. Ended up back where I started.

Try this

  • Protein About 1 gram per lbs of muscle. (this is how much protein per day total I’d try go get in my diet. Not all from shakes)
  • Men’s daily vitamins (you’ll be pushing yourself so these help)
  • Creatine (yes this works but you can only use it in cycles!)
  • Glutamine – I usually leave this off b/c most of the protein shakes now come with it.
  • Pre workout mixes (I use these b/c a lot of the times I lack energy to push myself to the limits)

I also read this website a lot. You can find a ton of useful information on everything.
Also they have a list of their top selling products. Top sellers usually mean they work great. (no one buys fake crap, back in the day I bought a lot of crap before the internet )
Let me know what you think.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit!